Talk About It: Being a Fearless Witness

Updated: Feb 2

"So, what's your story with Jesus?" I asked the Uber driver. "I mean after growing up Catholic and finding Him later."

"Well, my wife died," the man said. "And that really makes you take another look at things like God."

"It definitely does," I said. "Not that it's the same at all, but when my grandmother died last month, I had a lot a questions for God. I still do."

We got into some deep topics. Hearing how someone else has gone through the same mess you're in the middle of and made it out—something's encouraging about that.

Michael and his friend Pedro in the back seat were having a conversation too, but I was completely immersed in this Uber driver's story and sharing my own.

I talked about how God speaks to me and leads me like it was normal. It is normal for me, but every now and again, I remember I live in a world diametrically opposed to reality: that what we see isn't what we have.

Getting my hair cut the last week, I started talking about how God spoke to me with my hairdresser and realized what I was saying mid-sentence.

God speaks? I hear Him?

I had to explain it's not audible. The voice is like a whisper—something inside of me guiding me.

Gabby, one of my closest friends, and I talk about this sometimes.

Believing in a God who is here, invisible but incredibly present and all-powerful and purposing my every step for His plan, it's a little insane, right?

Making life choices "because God said so" doesn't match natural logic. It's not natural, not even a little.

Still. What would happen if those of us who seek God weren't worried about talking about Him just as we know Him in public?

What if the person listening in to our conversation at the coffee shop catches a word or phrase that sticks with them and changes them?

What if something God said to us that we spoke out loud caught someone else's spirit and saved them from a potential trauma or turned them toward a tremendous blessing?

God painted the picture for Isaiah like this: rain comes down, and the earth flourishes as seed bears fruit for the sower and bread for the table.

"So is My word that goes out from My mouth: it will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it," (Isaiah 55:11).

If we are vessels, then we're pouring something out.

We get to choose what fills us, and don't you know, " the mouth speaks what the heart is full of," (Luke 6:45).

It's time we stopped thinking about what people are thinking.

Think before we speak, yes.

But those thoughts should be directed to one source. Otherwise, we're going to get fed from meaningless sources, and in turn, meaningless words will be the fruit of our lips.

When the Vine, the Life-Giver, is our source of thinking, our talk transforms. Our language changes when we stop just thinking to ourselves and think with God.

How many answers could we find and have to give if we lived abiding, mind, body, and spirit?

If we are immersed in the presence of Holy Spirit, we leave a different kind of footprint everywhere we go.

We have a different impact on every person we speak to when we're constantly talking to the root of all words and dialect.


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