Needles & Knives (a poem)

sow and reap, sew and stitch

together that which

was torn to shreds.

make amends &

fight to defend, make food with a friend,

these tools are defined

by the holder’s hands.

truth is a tool, & love is a weapon

we don’t know how to use

so we end up bruised.

teach us, Blacksmith,

how to care and create

good soil for growth

and honest words without hate.

no more anger, no more blood,

except that of the One

who died for the many

and mended the bond,

who invites us to eat

before bound enemies,

who covered our sins

when they were more than plenty

for a death penalty.

to be like You, Jesus,

to clothe the naked,

to feed the starved,

and fight for the sake of

those who cannot,

to speak up for the mute

and trample evil under foot.

teach us to sew,

teach us to slay,

teach us when it’s time

to kill and to create.


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