baby don;t hurt me

this heart is a quick learner. 

after time, it has found it smarter.

to play it dumb, 

let itself go numb.

loved ones 

are none 

the wiser. 

“stop forgetting,” Someone whispers

“and throwing away 

old love letters.”

“hold me,” she says, “and give

a reason, I beg, 

for me to believe

that he won’t use 

this heart 

nor abuse.

for I long to trust, 

to hope, 

                        to love free.”

but still infinitely, 

there’s no guarantee.

not even the lonely are 

promised true safety.

“that’s what you think,” the voice says again,

“but don’t pretend you can’t hear Me.


      scrape both knees.

      when did I ever say it’d be easy?

      when did you forget,” He says to she,


is never worthy?”


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