I am Katherine Kwiatek. I am a creative, a poet, photographer, writer, worshipper, oils enthusiast. 
But those are things I do. 
Who I am is a daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, counselor (not by degree), intercessor. I am a queen of a Heavenly kingdom through the blood of Jesus. I am a child of God, and my inheritance is with the One who gave His life so I could come close. 
I live to seek God’s face.
As a vessel for Holy Spirit, my mission is to carry out the prayer of Jesus: to let it be on earth like it is in Heaven. 
Defined by who He says I am, with the audacity He has empowered me with to draw close to the Father, my journey has just begun. But already, there is so much profound  pain, beauty, and ultimate love to be shared!
Here, I want to share the journey, to write the vision, to not selfishly keep the gifts of Holy Spirit tucked away. And I would invite you to journey with me.


Our worldview is sculpted through the filter of identity. Who are you? What gives you the gumption to do what you do?
When we discover that we are kings and queens, royalty with authority and boldness in our bones, when we uncover our birthright as coheirs with Christ, new confidence takes hold of our souls. More than conquerors, we are capable of more than we know. 
But like a monarch butterfly, there are different stages of growth, aren't there? We go from the dirt to a cocoon, from new wings to experienced flyers making a great pilgrimage over oceans that threaten to wipe up out completely. 
Aren't we more precious to the Father than the butterfly? And He takes care of them on their journey. How much more will He take care of us!



The Monarch is a blog. It's a collection of artistic expressions in song, poetry, and stories. It's a photography portfolio. 
But more than anything, The Monarch is a journey.
Although we're all in different seasons, whether metamorphosis or migration, we are all on this journey called life. We share the same air, and just like monarchs, we're not meant to fly alone. 
In every moment, everything we do, create, and are, there is an opportunity to invite God into that part of the pilgrimage. He isn't standing far off asking us to run to Him. God is here with us every step of the way. He is still Immanuel. 
And He invites us into a family, into relationship, into the bivouac of butterflies crossing the sea. 
I pray you’ll be inspired and encouraged by the music, the images, and the words found on “The Monarch”.

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